Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Whopper Freakout is Brilliant Branding Offline and Online

The last month or so I have been seeing the commercial about Whopper Freakout, and I have to say those commercials crack me up. They took me back to those candid camera days, are you old enough to remember those? Allen Funt hosted the shows and basically pulled pranks on everyday people. What a great concept.

Well with Burger King they were out to make a point, that the Whopper is King – America’s favorite burger! So what would happen if they just removed it from their menu, well the commercials show snippets of actual events that took place real emotions from customers. One person even said “So what are you going to put on the logo now? Home of the, whatever we got?” They even showed two guys who looked like they were straight out of the 70’s saying, “Burger King without the Whopper? You may as well call it Burger Clean!” They even brought in the King to break the good news to their customers, that is was just a joke. All I can say is this is brilliant branding once again by Burger King’s marketing team.

Burger King has brought out some of the most interesting online marketing ideas such as the subservient chicken, simpsonizeme, and now the Whopper Freakout. If you have not gone to their website to check out all of the footage do so soon because it is funny and well worth the 7 minutes.

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