Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Dodge Ad Campaign Taps in to YouTube Users

I was watching the start of football season today when a new commercial caught my eye. Dodge has unveiled a new ad campaign which taps into the use of YouTube, in which they are giving away 3 brand new 2012 Dodge Journey’s.

“Find the Hidden Journey and it’s yours!" I thought to myself, well that is really clever. The commercial directs viewers to their YouTube channel for details, then there are a series of videos one has to watch in which unlocks clues on how to find this new SUV they are referring to as, "The Search Engine for the Real World."

The contest ends on September 27th and is open to all US Citizens, one car has already been located on the West Coast, the Mid-West is next (9/16), and the East Coast will follow shortly after (9/23). Following the clues is one thing, but actually racing to the location is completely different. It is definitely a pretty cool way to give away a car.

Check out the how-to's below:

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