Friday, August 19, 2011

Incubus - New Approach to How Social Media Meets PR

I have seen a lot of different social media campaigns in my day but one that struck me as very clever has been what the band Incubus has done. In preparation of the launch of their 7th studio album "If Not Now, When?" and kickoff of their U.S. tour in over 3 years the band has setup what they refer to as "IncubusHQ".

IncubusHQ launched on June 30th, the campaign enabled the band to interact with their fans regularly through multiple events most of them via the web. For 7 days (6/30 – 7/06) Incubus was inviting fans in the LA area to undisclosed locations for the most unique, personal and up-close fan experience - I have to admit I was wishing to be there with them.

Incubus' official statement about the kickoff stated:

"In “Incubus HQ Live” the web meets reality; it’s where web technology combines with fan-to-band interaction complete with impromptu live sets, live web streams, instructional clinics, and full performances from the band all being captured in a real-time documentary. Basically anything is possible and anything can happen!"

But that's not all IncubusHQ was focused on, they also heavily promoted the album, and US Tour via email, on PING (iTunes Social Network - awesome), Facebook and Twitter - they also had press on sites like Mashable. The emails were great because it gave any fan a step by step rundown of what the band is up to, and how to connect with them as they were approaching the first day of the US tour. All the hype was to lead up to the live feed of their 1st show at Red Rocks on August 17th.

I have always known that PR and Social Media cross paths but this particular campaign has really brought a new element for musicians and how they now can approach new ways to promote their music without the help of MTV, David Lettermen, and Jay Leno, and I have been enjoying the hype from a social media distance.

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