Sunday, November 18, 2007

Invest in an Online Marketing Agency or Not

You have JUST started an online business and you are now learning the ropes, what do you do? You are looking for someone to help you increase your visibility online and several people have approached you advising they can help. What do you do?

Research – Due diligence. Make sure you as a business owner have done the necessary research and due diligence related to the person/company you plan to do business with.

Most small business owners will start off doing their own online marketing with little to no experience, and they quite often get sucked into programs that insinuate they can assist with “more” traffic. Be wary, any company that asks you to “order now” or “sign up today” “Get top listings in 24 hours”, is more than likely just trying to take your hard earned dollars without benefit to you.

Take the time to review the website of the online marketing consultant, learn about what they have to offer, and speak to them about the benefit of consulting with them. Will they educate you in Online Marketing? Will they keep you in the dark regarding your Online Strategy? What will they really offer with regard to Online effort?

Most small business owners do not have the capital to work with the top Search Firms in the industry but that does not mean that they cannot do what is right, and research to find out which companies that are willing to educate them so they can not only understand the business but possibly start their own online marketing campaigns with the help of an agency.

Think about it.

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