Thursday, September 6, 2007

Girl Power Gone Wild

Today I received an interesting email from a friend who wanted me to read an article about a 17 year old entrepreneur. The article referenced at length about how this teenager is truly an Internet Marketing Professional. All I could do was be in awe over what she has created. ValueClick's Director of Media Development has said, "She knows so much about what her site does, more than people three times her age."

This actually struck a chord with me because there are so many website owners who do not know enough about their own sites to make educated decisions about their businesses and here is this 17 year old running the show and became the breadwinner in her household and all because she is targeting young teenage age girls to get free --- YES FREE --- myspace layouts for their myspace pages.

How did she do it? Well through advertising of course, most of her revenue comes from…… can you guess? Google Adsense! Imagine that. While she is starting to work on other ventures to generate more revenue at the end of the day her whole premise has been to service female teenage web users who want “cute graphics” or “hot layouts” for their myspace pages from her website

Ashley is by far the youngest Internet Marketing Professional I have read about and hats off to her for gaining exposure in the search engines that land her first page placement on Google for terms such as “cute layout myspace” or “cute web site backgrounds” certainly keywords that I would not think to search on as an adult. She is by far more in touch with her target market than most people I speak with on a regular basis and this includes those who I work directly with and that my friends, is really sad.

For more about Ashley and her site read the article listed in Fast Company.

I wish Ashley continued success!!

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